Our guests regularly take small cups of LevoNaise home to enjoy the sauce at home as well’

Cafetaria het Park

In Franeker, the Het Park snack bar is the place to go for tasty snacks, sandwiches, burgers, and whole meals. Snack bar owners Bertus and Afke Plantinga have been using Levo products for over 15 years and they are the face of this popular snack bar in this small Frisian town. People keep coming back to this snack bar because of the hospitality and excellent service, but also for the delicious products that you can take away, eat there, or have home delivered.

‘At our snack bar, we use LevoNaise (in buckets and bags), the LevoNaise sachets, and the curry sauce and ketchup sachets. We fry our chips and snacks in Levo frying oil, and we are very happy with the results’, says Bertus. The entrepreneur tells us how his regulars often take cups of LevoNaise home to enjoy the sauce at home as well. ‘Not just us, our customers also like to buy local. On top of that, we also rate Levo’s service very highly. There’s a reason why we have been a loyal customer for so many years now!’