Levo’s oils and sauces

Your partner in the
kitchen since 1916!

Your partner in the kitchen since 1916!

The Levo family business has been a leading partner for the hotel and catering industry and industrial companies since 1916. With an extensive and complete range of vegetable oils, frying oils, sauces and margarines, Levo has been well represented in various catering establishments for many years. You will find our products in restaurants, cafeterias, snack bars, hotels, brasseries, beach pavilions, fish shops, Dutch doughnut balls bakeries, sports and company canteens.

Cooking with Levo

Our products have endless applications. For many years, catering establishments have taken great pleasure in using our oils, deep-frying oils, sauces and margarines. Get to know us and see how our customers cook with Levo.