Levo has been your partner in the kitchen since 1916!

How it started?

Levo was founded in 1916 as an independent family business and has remained so to this day. Located in Franeker and housed in an ultramodern factory, we produce vegetable oils, frying oils, margarines and sauces. Improving the quality of our products is an ongoing process based on a progressive, innovative approach. In this way, we aspire to providing our customers with maximum quality at all times.

A company with a history

In 1916, Jurgen Rollingswier, a butcher’s assistant in the Frisian village of Achlum, made the big plunge: he went into business for himself. He purchased beef fat, prepared it for human consumption and sold it in pails to surrounding farms. That was then the beginning of what is now the smallest independently-operated margarine factory in the Netherlands. Of course, the depression and the years around and during the Second World War left their marks on Levo. And although government decisions, formidable competition from multinationals, a lack of raw materials and even family struggles had a negative effect on the company, it still managed to survive.

Product range

As the undisputed market leader for many years, Levo is particularly well known for its 20-litre tin of salad oil that is graced with the familiar picture of an enchanting Asian lady. In 2004, Levo launched Grenada Gold deep-frying oil, a responsible deep-frying oil that meets all the criteria of the ‘Responsible Deep-frying Campaign’. Besides these oils, deep-frying oils and margarines, Levo also supplies various sauces. All our sauces are gluten- and lactose-free. In recent years, the range of products has expanded considerably. What started with the launch of LevoNaise fries sauce has since grown into a complete range of sauces. The sauces are packaged in unique, innovative and waste-saving packaging.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since its foundation, LEVO has been committed to protecting the environment. Everything with a view to producing as sustainably as possible. In doing so, we account for the environment while providing a product that is packaged as conveniently as possible for the end consumer. We only use reputable suppliers to supply the raw materials used in our products.

Food Safety Systems Certification 22000

Levo is FSSC 22000 certified (Food Safety System Certification). This is a standard developed by the Dutch Food Safety Certification Foundation. This standard is revolutionary because it is the first globally accepted standard for the food industry. In addition, Levo works according to strict procedures. Incoming raw materials are checked and suppliers are selected with the greatest care. In this way, we endeavour to fulfil our food safety responsibilities effectively.