Overview page: Deep-frying Oils

Various brands of deep-frying oil with unique properties!

Levo produces various brands of deep-frying oil such as Grenada Gold deep-frying oil, PUUR deep-frying oil and Rising Moon deep-frying oil.

  • Grenada Gold has been a well-known brand among professional fryers for many years and is widely used by cafeterias and snack bars, but restaurants and beach pavilions also like to cook with this high-quality product.
  • PUUR deep-frying oil is a Clean Label deep-frying oil and is used by entrepreneurs who consciously choose high-quality products.
  • Rising Moon deep-frying oil is an excellent frying oil and is used by cafeterias, restaurants and event caterers.

Each oil has unique, distinctive properties. View the applications, advantages and packaging possibilities per product. All of the brands of deep-frying oil produced by Levo meet the criteria of the ‘Responsible Deep-frying campaign’ and are sold through our hotel and catering wholesalers.

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