Levo products are excellent quality

De Bikker

Right in the heart of the northern Dutch town of Franeker, you will find Ythuske De Bikker, owned and run by Karin and Patrick. At their catering establishment, these two entrepreneurs offer an exceptionally broad range of snacks, sandwiches, burgers, chips, and ice cream. Owing to the good quality of the products on offer and the hospitality of Karin, Patrick, and their team, customers keep coming back to De Bikker and regularly order meals.

‘We have been using Levo products at De Bikker for 4 years’, says Karin. Patrick adds: ‘We use Grenada Gold frying oil to deep-fry our snacks and chips. And we use Levo Better oil for pan frying.’ The entrepreneurs behind De Bikker try to source their products locally and like the idea that Levo is, like them, based in the town of Franeker in the Netherlands’ Friesland province. ‘We want to support local entrepreneurs. Aside from that, Levo is close to its customers, which we appreciate enormously. And their products are excellent quality. So we love working together with Levo!’