From a CSR perspective, we like the fact that the frying oil does not contain any peanut, soy, and palm oil

Eetsalon Marktzicht

At Eetsalon Marktzicht in Beusichem, they combine sustainability with quality. In the modern snack bar in the heart of the Betuwe region, the great variety of different snacks are fried sustainably and the eatery uses eco-friendly packaging materials. At Marktzicht, guests can get different kinds of chips, high-quality snacks, sandwiches, and ice cream in countless flavours. Owner Peter van Dinther is proud of his eatery, where he has been using various Levo products since 2002.

‘Initially, the only Levo product we used was Grenada Gold frying oil. We then started using the mayonnaise as well, and meanwhile we are also using the LevoNaise chip sauce, PUUR frying oil, and the mustard sachets.’ The entrepreneur explains why he likes working with Levo products at his eatery. ‘The products are practical to use. Take the 5-litre chip sauce container, for example, which is very easy to handle and the included clip lets you seal it to keep the sauce fresh.’

The patrons of Peter’s eatery are also positive about the products. ‘Our guests like the fact that the sauces are gluten-free. We personally, from a CSR perspective, like the fact that the oil does not contain peanut, soy, and palm oil.’ When asked why he has been a Levo customer for nearly 20 years, Peter replies: ‘The products are simply good quality. I’m not one to shop around: when it’s good, it’s good. And I also like it that someone from Levo drops by at least once a year and takes the time for a chat. And that’s not just a sales thing for them, they are also interested in how we and the industry are doing.’