We like using Levo products because they taste great and are always top quality and practical to

Grand café De Doelen

Whether you want to have a nice cup of coffee with a slice of home-made apple pie, an elaborate lunch, a three-course meal, or stay the night… You can do it all at De Doelen Grand Café in Franeker in the Netherlands’ Friesland province. Owner Pieter van Dijk about his spacious hospitality establishment. ‘We went for a warm and modern interior where guests feel at home right away. The great passion that our employees put into their work further adds to that.’

At this Grand Café, they have been using Levo products since 2010. Customers here enjoy the Levo mayonnaise, ketchup, curry sauce, and mustard. ‘Besides the sauces, we also use Levo pan-frying oil here’, Pieter continues. ‘We like working with these products because they are practical and easy to use, taste great, and always offer top quality. Our guests also like the fact that the sauces are gluten-free.’ And, for Pieter, the fact that Levo is also based in Franeker is another point in their favour. ‘We are glad to have such a great company right here in Franeker and that we have such a great and longstanding working relationship! The lines of communication are short and the service is outstanding.’