We have been using Levo products to our full satisfaction for over 30 years.

Het Smulhuis

For 4 generations, since 1948, Het Smulhuis has been in business in the southern Dutch town of Brunssum. Over the years, this establishment has seen various changes and modernisations. In 2009-2010, it was even named Limburg’s and the Netherlands’ best snack bar. At Het Smulhuis, you can get a delicious lunch or dinner in the restaurant or tasty snacks at the snack bar. Full of pride, owner Hans Boumans tells us about his catering establishment: ‘We built an annex several years ago to create a larger seating area. In the winter months, this is a lovely heated area and in the summer guests feel as if they are out on a terrace soaking up the sun!’

For over 30 years, Het Smulhuis has been using Levo products. They deep-fry in Levo oil and use Levo salad oil. ‘We love working with Levo. Their products offer constant high quality, and their service is excellent as well. In a very large market of suppliers, Levo stands out for its quality and service’, says Hans. ‘All in all, Levo is simply a top company that we like doing business with!’