We have been using Levo oil for nearly 40 years now. I’m the 3rd generation to use Levo products

Koopal oliebollen

When you read customers’ reviews of Koopal, you will instantly develop a craving for a freshly fried, crunchy Dutch doughnut ball, with or without raisins. Customers describe the Dutch doughnut balls from the stall in Drachten as follows: ‘fresh Dutch doughnut balls every day and a wide range of versions! We’ll never go anywhere else for our Dutch doughnut balls!’ Owner Jonathan Werkman on the longstanding partnership with Levo: ‘We have been using Levo oils for nearly 40 years now. I’m the 3rd generation to use Levo products.’

Before Levo launched Grenada Gold frying oil, this stall used Levo peanut oil. ‘At the agriculture fair in Franeker, Jurjen Rollingswier brought a few tins of Grenada Gold frying oil and asked us if we would like to try it out.’ When Jonathan and his colleagues tried Grenada Gold for the first time, they were instantly won over. ‘This frying oil is neutral in both smell and taste, and it produces exceptionally good frying results. On top of that, people with a peanut allergy could from that moment onwards also get their Dutch doughnut balls from us.’

As a true family business that has been around for several generations, Jonathan really appreciates the fact that Levo is a family business as well. ‘Whenever we can, we always try to procure products from family businesses through our suppliers. Levo’s personal touch is something we appreciate greatly!’