Thanks to Levo’s oils, our products taste great, have an attractive colour, and are nice and crunchy’

Rose Garden

Rose Garden in Hardegarijp is a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant that prepares dishes from four famous Asian cuisines with great love and care: Beijing, Canton, Shanghai, and Sichuan. At this restaurant, they make all their specialties  the traditional way based on authentic recipes. The Chen family is very proud of the menu and the restaurant. ‘We offer our guests the original flavour sensation of Asian cuisine.’

Rose Garden has been using Levo products for over 10 years, ranging from salad oil, frying oil and margarine to ketchup. ‘The frying oil makes our deep-fried dishes, such as  spring rolls, very crispy and gives them an attractive, golden-brown colour’, says Chen. ‘Levo oil is also healthy and adds to our products’ great flavour, gives them an attractive colour, and is not as greasy as other oils.

The family is highly enthusiastic about the quality of both the products and the packaging. ‘The quality of Levo is always stable and they even manage to keep improving it, such as by offering healthier oil products and eco-friendly and handy packaging.’ Chen has ample experience at various restaurants where different oil brands were used. He explains how Levo always turned out to be the best oil in the kitchen. ‘When we opened our own restaurant, we knew immediately that we wanted to use Levo. We are still extremely happy that we made that choice!’