Levo stand-up pouches

One of Levo’s latest packaging options is the revolutionary stand-up pouches. They are also sometimes referred to as Doypacks (a trademark associated with the pouch). With this packaging, Levo has once again opted for innovation and renewal. Not only are stand-up pouches pleasant to use, they are also lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly.

The main advantages of Levo stand-up pouches are:

  • Low waste volume
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No sauce wastage
  • Optimum freshness
  • For gluten- and lactose-free sauces

Advantages of sauce stand-up pouches
Stand-up pouches are the future in innovative packaging for wholesalers and catering establishments, for example. Stand-up pouches take up less space and can be emptied entirely, so no product is wasted. A round bottom keeps a stand-up pouch stable and upright.

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