A versatile frying oil for various frying purposes and a variety of catering establishments!

Rising Moon deep-frying oil

Rising Moon deep-frying oil is a versatile deep-frying oil that is suitable for various deep-frying purposes. This deep-frying oil is used in a variety of catering establishments and is ideal for deep-frying chips, snacks, fish and Dutch doughnut balls. This deep-frying oil is odourless and flavourless and produces a crispy frying result.

The main advantages of Rising Moon deep-frying oil are:

  • No frying deposits
  • 100% vegetable oil
  • Outstanding price/quality ratio
  • Free of soya, peanuts and GMO
  • Contains no allergens

Rising Moon deep-frying oil is used for deep-frying chips and snacks. Rising Moon is also suitable for deep-frying other products. Just like our other oils, Rising Moon is 100% vegetable oil. A convenient anti-clockwise-turning cap makes pouring the deep-frying oil very easy.

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Responsible deep-frying

Levo has been a member of the ‘Responsible Deep-frying Campaign’ from the outset. Levo’s entire range of deep-frying oils satisfies the criteria of the campaign. By using such deep-frying oils, catering entrepreneurs play an important role in contributing to responsible and healthier food. Levo deep-frying oils contain a high percentage of mono-unsaturated fatty acids. The government advises replacing saturated fats and trans-fatty acids with unsaturated fats as much as possible. So choosing Rising Moon deep-frying oil is a conscious decision. For more information on the ‘Responsible Deep-frying Campaign’, go to the website.

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Our products are sold through various catering wholesalers. Would you like more information on Rising Moon deep-frying oil? Please contact us. For more information on the ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and storage conditions of Rising Moon deep-frying oil, please contact PS in foodservice.