Through the years, we have really become very enthusiastic about the flavour, quality, and ease of use of Levo products’

Itery by de mune

In the Frisian village of Anjum, you will find Snack Centre Anjum, right next door to Itery by de Mune. Owner Anneke Hiemstra about the two businesses and their experiences with Levo products: ‘We have set up the snack centre as a takeaway for snacks and fish. In Itery by de Mune next door, guests can get coffee with cake or a generous lunch, with a wide range of dishes.’

Since its opening in 2016, Anneke and her team have been using our sauces, deep-frying oil, and pan-frying oil. The sauce dispensers in the kitchen are also all Levo ones. ‘Through the years, we have really become enthusiastic about the products. The sauces taste delicious and are easy to serve thanks to the handy sauce dispensers,’ the entrepreneur explains. They also fry their chips in Levo frying oil. ‘Levo frying oil gives the chips a lovely golden-brown colour and makes them crunchy. The fact that the products are gluten-free is another reason why our guests love the sauces.’

Anneke appreciates not only the quality, but also the service. ‘Their customer-friendly way of working is also one of the reasons why we keep using Levo products. When you order something one day, there will be someone on your doorstep the next day to deliver your order! And their reps are always willing to take our perspective in looking for solutions!’