A slightly zingy, but subtly flavoured high-quality mustard that is suitable for everyone!

Gluten-free mustard

Levo mustard is characterised as slightly zingy yet subtle in flavour. This makes it suitable for everyone. It is the perfect example of what a real, good mustard should taste like.

The main advantages of Levo mustard are:

  • Gluten- and lactose-free
  • Slightly zingy and subtly flavoured
  • Perfect to accompany your savoury snacks
  • Supplied in 3-litre bags for sauce dispensers
  • Exclusively for the hotel and catering industry

Levo mustard is exclusively available for hotel and catering establishments. Levo mustard has a fine and smooth structure which makes it easy to serve with your savoury snacks. Just like our other sauces, Levo mustard is gluten- and lactose-free.

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Cafetaria Pepe

In the northern Dutch town of Franeker, you will find PéPé, a snack bar where you can get tasty chips and snacks, sandwiches, dishes, and ice cream. According to the reviews online, the staff there is extremely friendly and the chips are guaranteed to be crispy. The satay is also a firm favourite among the regulars. One of them describes it as follows: ‘Satay made of delicious, tender meat. Just like the chicken schnitzel. Delicious!’ Owner Tony Hoeben about the use of Levo products at his snack bar:

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Our products are sold through hotel and catering wholesalers. Would you like more information on our mustard? Please contact us. For more information on the ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and storage conditions of Levo mustard, please contact PS in foodservice.