Are you looking for portion-size sauce containers for your catering establishment? Then Levo’s handy sauce sachets are what you are looking for. We offer a range of portion-sized sachets of delicious sauces that are perfect for individual use and are all gluten- and lactose-free. Your customers can simply open a sachet and decide how much sauce they want to use themselves. In addition, Levo sachets are very hygienic because the sauces are individually packaged.

The main advantages of Levo sachets are:

  • No sauce wasted
  • The sauce stays fresh
  • Easy to open
  • For gluten- and lactose-free sauces

Levo sauce sachets are suitable for various purposes. Cafeterias and snack bars profit from the advantages of sauce sachets, but restaurants, cafés, beach pavilions and sports canteens can also profit from these sachets. By offering individual customers a sauce sachet, you can guarantee optimum freshness of the sauces and can work hygienically.

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Presentation boxes for Levo sachets

Do you already offer your customers Levo sauces in sachets? Request our Levo presentation boxes now. After requesting our Levo presentation boxes, we will contact you about the details and possibilities as soon as possible. Approximately 15 to 20 sachets fit in the boxes, depending on the sauce you want to present.

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