Responsible Deep-frying

The ‘Responsible Deep-frying Campaign’ was launched in 2004 by the Dutch trade association for the hotel and catering industry and the Dutch Margarine, Fats & Oils Information Agency. Levo has been affiliated with Grenada Gold deep-frying oil since the start of this campaign. The aim of the campaign is to promote the use of liquid deep-frying fat and oil among catering establishments and cafeteria owners.

The logo ‘Responsible Deep Frying’ means that the snack bar or cafeteria is displaying its fries in deep-frying oil that meets all the criteria of the campaign. Deep-frying oil contains less trans-fat than saturated fat and is therefore better for your health than solid fat. Cafeterias affiliated to the ‘Responsible Deep-frying Campaign’ can receive various promotional materials, such as a door sticker. Levo also provides special wall shield badges that allow entrepreneurs to show their guests that they fry in a responsible manner. Levo has been affiliated with the ‘Responsible Deep-frying Campaign’ since its inception. This means that:

  • The frying oil is rich in at least 65% unsaturated fatty acids
  • The frying oil contains up to 2% trans-fatty acids
  • The deep-frying oil used has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels

Levo is proud to participate in the ‘Responsible Deep-frying Campaign’. Both Grenada Gold deep-frying oil as well as PUUR deep-frying oil and Rising Moon deep-frying oil meet all the criteria of responsible deep-frying. Would you like to deep-fry responsibly within your catering establishment?