You can also fry Dutch doughnut balls in Levo oil!

Dutch doughnut balls

Would you like to know whether an oil is suitable for deep-frying Dutch doughnut balls? How do you choose the right one? What should you consider? Look at the percentage of mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Dutch doughnuts are deep fried at a high temperature, so this percentage should be high. This is in contrast to the percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids. That should be low. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids do not ‘break down’ when subjected to heat over an extensive period and the oil in which you deep fry stays clearer for longer. It also improves the overall quality of the Dutch doughnut balls and the build-up of cooking residue in your deep fryer is slower.

Oil containing a high percentage of mono-unsaturated fatty acids does not have to be changed as often as oil containing a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Levo has two oils that are ideal for prolonged heating at high temperatures: peanut oil and Grenada Gold deep-frying oil.

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What is the best oil for frying Dutch doughnut balls?

Snacks like Dutch doughnut balls are not something you cook every week, or even month. That is why your first apple flaps, currant buns or Dutch doughnut balls sometimes fail. So Levo would like to offer you some tips on how to make the first Dutch doughnut balls of the new season a great success! Like other yeast products, Dutch doughnut balls are also subject to a number of mechanisms. However, there is a big difference: Dutch doughnut balls are often made from batter rather than dough. This difference is apparent in the dough’s stiffness which results from differences in the ingredients and the way the batter is prepared. Using the right ingredients and preparing Dutch doughnut balls in the right way is therefore important for achieving the best result.

Tips for frying:

  • Knead the Dutch doughnut balls well.
  • Make sure that any filling (currants) is properly cleaned and soaked beforehand.
  • Do not let the batter cool down.
  • Fry the Dutch doughnut balls in the best quality oil.
  • Allow the Dutch doughnut balls to cool down and air after frying.

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