The Grenada Gold frying oil is best in class, it’s the only oil we’ll ever want to use’

Vet HippeFrieten

Wietske and Cor Boonstra have entrepreneurship in their DNA. They run various businesses in the Frisian town of Harlingen, including a wine bar, various food trucks, a holiday accommodation, and the Hippefrieten eatery, where they have been using Levo products for years. Together with their enthusiastic team, they are known in the greater Harlingen area for their special culinary approach and hospitality. Cor points out that they have been using Levo products at their various businesses for over 15 years. ‘We have always used Grenada Gold frying oil, but we have started using more Levo products over the years. Today, we also use Better pan-frying oil and we have the sauces in all the different packaging options.’

At Hippefrieten, which loosely translates as ‘Hip Chips’, you will find sachets containing our gluten-free mayonnaise, curry sauce, ketchup, and mustard on every table. But they also use our garlic and ravigote sauce. ‘We fill the mini-buckets with sauce ourselves, so that our customers can also enjoy the Levo sauces at home,’ Cor explains. ‘The sauces are ordered a lot by our customers.’ The frying oil has also become indispensable at this catering establishment. ‘The frying oil is best in class. It’s the only oil we’ll ever want to use.’

Cor and Wietske are extremely positive about the quality of the products, and equally enthusiastic about the service. ‘On top of all that, we like the fact that Levo is – for us – a local company. The lines of communication are short and Levo is always willing to take our perspective as entrepreneurs. They are a hospitable company, which suits our approach. And it is good that the sauces are not available at any retail outlets, which keeps it exclusive for us professional users.’