The perfect vegetable oil for cooking.

Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is an ideal oil for various preparations. You can use this rapeseed oil for stir-frying, frying and sautéing. In addition, rapeseed oil is a perfect ingredient for a salad dressing, sauce or deep-frying oil. Its favourable fatty acid composition makes rapeseed oil ideal for mixing it with other vegetable oils and using it as a base in deep-frying oils. Rapeseed oil is widely used in industrial kitchens due to its versatility and the fact that rapeseed oil is GMO-free and contains no allergens.

The main advantages of Levo rapeseed oil are:

  • 100% vegetable oil
  • Guaranteed fresh oil
  • Consistent high quality
  • GMO- and allergen-free

Rapeseed oil is extracted from rapeseeds and has a very high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, so it is ideal for cooking at higher temperatures. Levo’s rapeseed oil is 100% vegetable and has a consistently high quality due to Levo’s strict requirements for the quality of the raw materials.

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Stadsherberg Franeker

In the heart of the Frisian town of Franeker, you will find Eelco Bootsma’s De Stadsherberg Franeker, a hotel and restaurant where guests can enjoy local products, excellent service, and lots of enthusiasm in surroundings that are full of atmosphere. Also when they need a customised catering solution, customers from across the region prefer De Stadsherberg. Eelco about his business and the use of Levo products in his hotel, restaurant, and catering business:

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Our products are sold through hotel and catering wholesalers. Would you like more information on Levo rapeseed oil? Please contact us. For more information on the ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and storage conditions of Levo rapeseed oil, please contact PS in foodservice.